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Orthopedic adaptions

Every sandal is produced according to your individual footprint, so each one is unique. In addition to this, we can also allow for and correct various orthopaedic handicaps when assembling the sandals.

The following features are available: heel spur pads, inner edge lifts, outer edge lifts, shoe lifts and butterfly rolls. You can specify these orthopaedic components directly during the order process. The required components are available under the option "Orthopaedic adaptation". If necessary, as in the case of a lift, you can also enter the height in millimetres. In models with a covering (leather or Alcantara) you can have gel pad built into the heel area of your myVALE sandals under the option "Comfort accessories". With all orthopaedic aids we recommend discussing the matter with an orthopaedic specialist of your confidence first. A medical prescription is very helpful in order achieve optimum results.The following additions are available:

Heel raise

If necessary we can integrate a heel raise in the sandals. This is only for customers with a shortened leg: please be sure to discuss the matter with a doctor first. We charge EUR 24,90 for every centimetre started..

Medial wedge

If necessary we can integrate a medial wedge in the sandals. There must be a medical indication. A copy of the relevant prescription would be helpful here.

Lateral wedge

If necessary we can integrate a lateral wedge in the sandals. There must be a medical indication. A copy of the relevant prescription would be helpful here.

Heel spur cushion

In the case of a heel spur we integrate a relief point when assembling the sandals.

Gel pad

The myVALE gel pad provides absolute wear comfort and can be ordered as an additional upgrade for every myVALE. The gel pad has a damping, low-impact effect and is inserted into the footbed. It cannot be seen from the outside.

Butterfly roll

The butterfly roll can be used to relieve and cushion the metatarsal foot. It is added in the case of splayfoot or as a forefoot relief.

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