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If you wish to give your feet a treat with high-quality footwear, this website is just right for you. Here you will find a collection of shoes distinguished by the quality of their materials and, above all, through the careful production by hand. Let us show you our myVALE designs. Yet, with myVALE you will never get a shoe off the shelf. Why is this? Because we from myVALE aim at supporting the unique structure of your feet and thus manufacture your shoes according to your individual footprint.




A great variety of summer shoes

Here you may feel at ease and take your time to look for your favourite model. You will be shown all the shoes from our collection at a glance and may select the model in line with your ideas. As you can see, our passion for orthopaedic shoes goes beyond the well-known thong sandals similar to flip flops. Other types of sandals are also available. For example, the Duckbill has an asymmetric strap with an adjustable buckle; the straps of the X-sandals are partly elastic, and the H2O model will step into the water with you. In addition, you will find lightweight wooden clogs (Timber), comfortable trekking sandals (Walkabout), stylish mules (Slide) and, last but not least, toe socks – just in case you don't like walking barefoot in your shoes or it's just nippy outside. And, as every adventurer will come home one day, there is also a myVALE design for this place: the Wombat, an ultra-comfortable slipper. For the smallest myVALE fans we have cute "learn to walk" shoes in our portfolio. 


This is the way to make your myVALE even more unique

As we at myVALE still do real manual work, it is a matter of course for us to check every shoe, or inspect each foot, with special care. Yes indeed, this works also from a distance. Before we can even start to think about the production of a shoe we need your footprint as a first step. You will leave it in the footprint box specially made for this purpose. Next you return the footprint box postage paid to us. On we go with digitising your footprint by a 3D scanner and correcting it under orthopaedic aspects. Only when all this has been done, manufacture follows and it ends with the finishing assembly and final orthopaedic scrutiny by the watchful eye of a master shoemaker. That's what we really call innovative and customised. 

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