The myVALE Exclusive X-sandals

Design sandals without a thong for breezy, airy summer days

In the warmest of all seasons, we all love to be touched by a breeze. We want to wear light fabrics and little clothing so that our skins may be kissed by the sun and we can show why, in winter, we denied ourselves a cookie or two. And the feet? Probably they have been stuck in closed shoes all the time. So it’s high time to set them free and give them a genuine, stylish summer feeling. Ideally you will achieve this with high-value design sandals individually adapted to your feet. This is exactly what our X-sandals of the EXCLUSIVE collection stand for. The X-sandals are special in that they don’t have a thong but your feet get hold by the crossover straps. This means that if you feel like it you can also slip into your sandals wearing (designer) socks.

Exklusive Kreuz-Sandalen von myVALE nach Fußabdruck
myVALE Zusammenstellung von exklusiven Materialien

EXCLUSIVE X-sandals from myVALE

For all trendsetters we have created models with the EXCLUSIVE sandals collection which are light and airy and offer a firm hold but, at the same time, they have the absolute wow factor. Are you used to drawing envious glances? With the EXCLUSIVE X-sandals you will earn them. For these, we’ve put our hearts and souls into the selection of the materials and searched for them all over the world. So now at myVALE's you’ll find exceptional sandals made of materials like robust kangaroo leather or sustainably produced salmon leather. The various colour and leather designs we have on offer for women and for men may be perfectly harmonised with every textile trend.

Shoe-orthopaedic tradition and cutting-edge designs

At myVALE’s, we manufacture custom-made sandals according to your footprint. Production is a well-conceived process of artisanal passion and orthopaedic know-how. We rely on the expertise of decades to provide your feet with optimal hold so that you can wear your sandals all day long and walk free of pain. In each and every X-sandal of myVALE you have optimal grip and experience utmost stability. You will only achieve a sensation of ease and freshness if the pillars of your body are adequately embedded and supported. Surely the sea looks much more beautiful if you can watch it with a feeling of physical wellbeing?

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