The myVALE Duckbill

Stylish thong sandals with asymmetric straps

You are looking for the perfect summer shoes but you are not yet sure about the design and what it should offer? Usual flip flops, the well-known thong sandals, are too sporty for your taste? Then it’s time now for some elegance. With the long middle strap from your midfoot to your toes you will achieve a stylish silhouette also for your foot. The Duckbill model from myVALE with its form and aura is selected by all those who desire "more shoe" or wish their thong sandals to have more material because the upper ends further up the instep than with thong sandals. The colourful Duckbill is available for women and for men and it is modeled on the singular structure of your individual footprint. So it will fit like no other, unless your other shoes are also from myVALE! 


Duckbill – the sandal with the duck-billed strap

You’re asking why we called these sandals Duckbill?  Simply because the form of the asymmetric strap reminds us of the bill of this Australian animal. It’s that easy. And with myVALE it’s just as easy for you to get summer shoes second to none. This is because not only the design, but also the orthopaedic added value is important for us. The Duckbill offers your feet perfect hold through an adjustable buckle, which may also provide pressure relief, and straps surrounding your feet. What is more, the outsole is slip-proof and makes for an easy rolling movement. We don’t compromise on the quality of the thong, either. It is especially adapted to your foot so that you can wear your Duckbills pain free and for a long time.

Foot health provided by a traditional family company

As already mentioned, the Duckbill thong sandals are tailored to your feet. This works when you leave your footprint in the footprint box and return it to us. First we send the footprint box to your home. When you have sent it back, the footprint is scanned and digitised at our workshop and modelled by one of our shoe technicians. Only when all this has been done, your sandals are manufactured. It goes without saying that we carry out a final quality check. We at myVALE rely on expertise gained in Homberg in the north of Hesse during a success story of over 130 years and the tradition of four generations.  And also in the future, the foot health of each individual customer will be of top priority for us.

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