Insoles from myVALE – (sadly) it's not always time for sandals

Surely you associate the name of myVALE in particular with our hand-made, individually designed sandals for the warm and beautiful summer season. But, sad to say, in our part of the world the sun hides behind the clouds from time to time and we must fall back on closed shoes to protect our feet. So what about foot health here? While in summer you may trust in your myVALEs, most of your other shoes probably don't have a footbed made to measure according to your footprint. But don't worry: We at myVALE have thought of all the seasons and offer you orthopaedic insoles for the less sunny days to walk healthily and comfortably in your favourite shoes. Just like our sandals, the insoles are created by means of the footprint box so that special manufacture according to your footprint is guaranteed. 

Orthopaedic insoles "Anytime“ for every day

The Anytime insoles are an optimum solution for boots, half-boots and booties, slippers or sneakers – just for all those shoes worn every day by women and men. All the insoles are extra thin and flexible so that they fit into all and any type of footwear. As for the materials, you may choose between warming Velon or perforated, naturally tanned, chrome-free cowhide with moisture-absorbing qualities. Our insoles are to be fully inserted in the shoe or three-quarter-length for shoes with little space in the toe area like pointed shoe models. Thus we can provide perfect custom insoles for all types of closed shoes and, at the same time, a special treat for your feet on all occasions.

Manufacture made-to-measure for your personal foot health

We at myVALE manufacture insoles with the feel-good factor. This means that we apply our orthopaedic know-how of decades paired with passion for walking to your feet. We achieve this through the individual manufacture of each single insole and specially developed comfort components. For example, you may select a Comfort+ Model – a cushioning system specially developed by myVALE – which has an additional forefoot and heel padding to reduce pressure peaks. Moreover, each myVALE insole features the Q Concept: the metatarsals are relieved through the special positioning of the pad and the body's own sensomotor system is stimulated. The dynamic core additionally supports and relieves the joints.

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