Give something that really fits!

Whether for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion - with the myVALE gift box you not only give away a voucher, but also the most individual thing there is in terms of footwear. Simply select the voucher amount and add it to the shopping cart. In one to two days* you will then receive the myVALE foam box and the voucher including the gift box code, with which the recipient can choose their own individual and custom-made sandal in our online shop or even create his own design with the myVALE Designer.

* Applies to orders with a German delivery address and payment received on time.

And this is how it works

Order the myVALE gift box online
Give away a footprint box with a voucher
The recipient selects his / her myVALE online

The recipient returns the footprint box with footprints to us

Our experts scan the footprints and optimize the footbed

Production of the unique sandal with an individual footbed

Our gift box vouchers

Vouchers without footprint box

The amounts of our gift box vouchers are too high for you but you still want to give away myVALE? Then we have some vouchers without a footprint box that you can order as a voucher card with a voucher code.