Just bring style onto your feet

Let’s come straight to the point: visually, the myVALE model Slide closely resembles a well-known and much worn model. Surely you have already seen it occasionally, maybe even in the most popular combination with track pants worn by sportspeople, but it has also gained acceptance with influencers and trendy fashionistas and their street style. Yet, if something already exists this does not mean that it is also perfect. We from myVALE realized that there was some potential of optimisation. So we designed Slide, a backless slipper which, for one thing, displays a stylish attitude when you wear it and, for another thing, gets you comfortably through the whole day because it is especially manufactured on the basis of your own footprint - and this is unique and typically myVALE. We achieve all this through our expertise in shoe orthopaedics combined with our love of design which is applied to each one of our models.

myVALE Slide Pantolette schwarz zu Jeans
myVALE Slide Pantoletten in silber

Slide around the world

Der Slide ist eine gemütliche Pantolette in schlichter und stilvoller Optik. Den richtigen Wohlfühlfaktor gibt es durch einen breiten Schaft im Vorfußbereich, der für optimalen Halt während des Laufens sorgt. Damit kommst du schmerzfrei durch den langen Tag, denn der Riemen sitzt immer angepasst an deinen Fuß. Komfortabel ist vor allem auch das Fußbett, das ebenso nach deinem Fußabdruck hin individuell angepasst wird. Dafür benötigen wir deinen Fußabdruck, den du in der von uns zugesandten Footprintbox hinterlässt. Diesen Abdruck digitalisieren und optimieren wir orthopädisch hier vor Ort in unserem Handwerksbetrieb. Nach der aufwendigen Fertigung, wird jedes Modell noch einmal von uns überprüft. Erst dann „slidet“ dieser Schuh zu dir und an deine Füße. 

Orthopaedic shoes with a clear mission

Yes indeed, the orthopaedic craft is also modern, fresh and innovative. This is exactly so with us at myVALE, located in the town of Homberg in the north of Hesse. At our workshop we set new standards for orthopaedic shoes because we also score with design for feet. We only want the very best for your feet and this is what you'll get with our shoes manufactured perfectly just for you. But will the visual effect have to suffer from this? The answer is a clear "no" from our side. We wish our sandals to look good, too. In fact, with the Slide we manage to merge these contrasting features in one shoe.

myVALE Pantolette drei Designs
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