Your footprint

This video shows how to make your individual footprints using the myVALE footprintbox.
This is quite easy. Please take the footprint while standing and make sure you took the pencil out of the box before you start.

Stand with your left foot on the right-hand panel, putting so much weight on your foot that it sinks into the foam and you get a print of your left foot.

Using a pencil, mark the place between your big toe and your second toe

Repeat the above with your right foot, using the right-hand panel of the box. Ensure that you are standing firmly on your other foot..

Using a pencil, mark again the place between your big toe and your second toe.

Firmly seal the box and send it back to us. The price of the product includes postage (only for Germany). You will find the postage labels on the back of your foot print box.

All prices incl. tax, plus shipping
* for deliveries within Germany. For deliveries to other countries please visit Payment and Shipping.