The myVALE exclusive sandals



Unique shoes for individualists

You’re quite right: Why should you pay so much attention to style, uniqueness and detail when selecting your clothes and then stop when it comes to your shoes? What luck that now you’ve hit upon myVALE. For our EXCLUSIVE shoe collection seems to be just right for you if you are looking for companions for your feet away from dull or boring mass production. With our myVALE EXCLUSIVE sandals we address individualists, lateral thinkers and trendsetters. Sounds like you? These exceptional sandals suit your unique lifestyle because they are unmistakeably myVALE.

Exklusive Sandalen von myVALE
Auswahl exklusiver Materialien

EXCLUSIVE models of the very finest – and the very finest materials

With our exclusive models you may put your feet into something very special. Contrary to usual flip flop production, we don‘t use any synthetic materials or dangerous plasticisers to provide comfort. Instead, we offer you breathable sandals and shock absorption for your feet. Above all, you can wear the EXCLUSIVE sandals all day long: they are orthopaedic flip flops with another focus on design. For this collection we use extraordinary materials like, for example, sustainable salmon leather from organic farms or kangaroo leather which is soft but extremely robust. These high-quality sorts of leather pamper your feet with that certain something, look extremely chic and will be noticed. The collection EXCLUSIVE includes thong sandals and X-sandals for women and for men.

Quality and workmanship with the highest standards

What is more, of course it is guaranteed for these orthopaedic summer shoes that they are manufactured according to your individual foot structure, and we achieve this by using your footprint. You leave your footprint in the footprint box we send you. When the box has returned to us, your footprint is digitised and biomechanically optimised. As soon as the basis of the shoe has been set up, we take care of the design which has a high priority with the EXCLUSIVE models. The materials are carefully selected to make for a glamorous style. It goes without saying that a final quality control is performed by our expert personnel.