Flip Flop Manufactory


Our manufacture is situated in a former joinery.

Old wooden floorboards, thick brick walls ‒ and a scent of leather and wood is in the air.

We have somewhat redesigned the ancient building for our purposes, sanded the floor, fitted in two office rooms, replaced the old power outlets and swapped the old windows with new ones ‒ we’ve made ourselves at home.

The centre of the building where, in former times, the joiner finished his workpieces is where our service team works now. Here, orders are processed, e-mails are followed up, phone requests are answered, and much more.

A large wooden table stands nearby. This is where the arriving parcels, usually footprint boxes, are opened and checked. If it turns out that a footprint was not optimally made or it was possibly damaged during transport, a new box will be sent to the customer right away.


At the next station there is the 3D scanner where, after a positive check-up, each footprint is digitized, reworked and allocated to a customer account. Then, about two metres further, footbeds are modelled and biomechanically optimised by our experienced orthopaedic shoe technicians. At this stage, each shoe becomes unique with its individual form and singular structure of the foot. 


The station that follows now is our leather and materials store. Separate boxes with one footprint each stand on a large, white trolley. One by one, the different materials for thongs and straps, footbeds, midsoles and outsoles, applications and more are sorted to the footprints into the boxes. As soon as a box is complete, it passes through the next door.


This is where our CNC mill operates. Each footbed is milled from an EVA block in the customer’s favourite colour. According to the models created by our experts beforehand, the data is sent via network to the mill. Pelottes, insteps and, if needed, more orthopaedic components are cut out here down to the millimetre.


Now work continues at the workbench, where the myVALEs are assembled. Pair by pair, the sandals are taken from the trolley, slits and holes are punched, and the straps and thongs are pulled in. The measurement of the straps is determined by an especially developed formula. Only when all this is done, the outsole is attached. Finally, the grinding machine plays its part. Here, each sandal is carefully ground all round or “finished”, as we say. For this, experience and sensitivity is needed.


As soon as the trolley has been finished, it is time for our quality assurance. Specially trained staff members inspect every sandal for its workmanship and completeness. After passing the control, the myVALEs get their warranty slip showing the date and the chars of the responsible staff member. Only then will they be packed and taken to the post trolley at the entrance of our manufacture.

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