Shoes on and it's off into the water

Now wait a moment: isn't it rather "shoes off and into the water"? At least that's what we, as masters of the shoemaker trade, will recommend unless we're talking about our H2O model. These sandals have been especially designed and manufactured for you to wear them in the water. We achieve this by using high-quality, leather-free materials. So, if at some time during your trip you wish to put your feet into cold water you needn't take your shoes off. Or if you enjoy a day on the beach swimming in the sea and the path to the showers is stony, you may just keep these shoes on. With this myVALE model you will finally get companions for your feet to stay with you when you are refreshing yourself in cool water: they are waterproof and can even swim. We also recommend them to you for relaxing moments in wellness areas. 

Beastly fun with vegan sandals

H2O sandals from myVALE are specially designed for your joyful adventures in and out of the water, no matter whether you are in your pool at home or at the seaside. Some models are even approved for boating trips. What they all have in common, however, is the slip-proof and abrasion-resistant outsole for perfect grip. On top of this: all H2O models are completely leather-free and thus vegan. So it's just the fun which is beastly! 

A vacation for the feet …

… may be had every day with myVALE – you needn't even contact your physiotherapist because the holiday feeling will just come by itself when your wear myVALE sandals. Each shoe is manufactured according your individual foot structure. Pressure, chafing, bruising? These are things of the past. Every day, we offer your feet the all-round pampering programme with orthopaedic quality features: each sandal is manufactured with an adapted longitudinal and transversal arch support. Depending on the model, you can additionally choose heel spur pads, inner edge lifts, outer edge lifts, shoe lifts and butterfly rolls. As a result, walking with myVALE sandals is a real treat for your feet and pure relaxation, just like a vacation. 

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