The myVALE X-sandals

Young X-sandals with an orthopaedic tradition and a sense of style

Again, myVALE proves with these sandals that shoe orthopaedics can be redefined. The sandals were designed by a master shoemaker – but this won’t be the first thing to come to your mind when you look at them. The design and a sense of style are the most notable features here. In this way, we expel the slightly dusty image of a craft rich in tradition. Always the same colours, always the same shapes? Not for the sandals with the X. From the angle of comfort, our X-sandals impress with features comparable to those of the well-known myVALE flip flops. Forget about loud slapping noises when stepping on asphalt or aching feet after walking a short distance: these X-sandals are kitted out with your own individual footprint. 

myVALE Kreuzsandalen für Damen
Kreuzsandalen von myVALE schwatz-silber

The myVALE sandals with the X

With an X-sandal, you have a fabric or leather surface in the forefoot area which is larger than that of thong sandals. If desired, the X of our X-sandals gleams in golden denim or with silver leather in a glossy look. But don’t worry, dear men: your feet will be clothed in a rougher style. Providing the same freedom for your toes, these sandals cover a larger foot area. This feature will delight all those with wider feet. The X-strap is not fixed rigidly to the shoe but is positioned where it fits your foot. Moreover, an elastic leather belt is inserted between your foot and the strap to provide optimal wearing comfort.

Healthy shoes, healthy feet

We, the fourth generation at myVALE’s, manufacture unique sandals in careful handiwork and with a vast expertise in shoe orthopaedics. You will feel the difference when wearing our sandals. Because the shoes are manufactured individually just for you, a large part of your body will relax automatically. Your feet won’t have to combat a footbed produced for the masses any longer but will feel at home in a comfortable, orthopaedic footbed. In this way posture problems, for example of the hips and the spine, will be prevented. If your feet are relaxed, you will be relaxed, too. 

myVALE X-Sandalen mit standing