The myVALE Exclusive toe sandals

New standards for flip flops

Let’s not beat about the bush: flip flops – or thong sandals, as you may officially call them – are almost as numerous as grains of sand. Flip flops have just gained great acceptance as light summer shoes. No wonder: they offer as much airy freedom to your feet as to you on a fine summer day because there isn’t much shoe touching your foot. So you can buy them cheap in every spa and holiday resort. And now myVALE comes along to tell you that you should buy their shoes? Some flip flops for which you must dig much deeper into your pockets? Yes, that’s what we are saying. We know about the quality and uniqueness of our products. The orthopaedic demands made on us by each individual foot aren’t met by any other flip flops. 

myVALE Exclusive Sanalen mit Zehensteg
myVALE Material für Exklusive Sandalen aussuchen

EXCLUSIVE thong sandals from myVALE

For the EXCLUSIVE collection we searched the world for high-value, precious and exceptional leathers and materials from sustainable resources. For example, some thong sandals will be adorned with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS or straps made of salmon leather from certified organic salmon farms. In these materials they differ from the BASIC models. Yet, what all myVALEs have in common are that we offer you sandals with the advantages of closed shoes. This means also that our sandals are long-distance shoes providing comfort from an orthopaedic perspective: nothing pinches, chafes or hurts you here because the single elements like the thong are individually adapted to your foot structure. Each myVALE offers you an easy rolling movement, an outsole with good grip, and perfect hold. 

Sandals made with orthopaedic expertise

To manufacture an authentic myVALE, the first thing we need is your footprint. You will leave your footprint in the footprint box and return it to us free of cost. Now our job begins. Your footprint is scanned, the footbed is biomechanically optimized, manufacture starts and will only end after a quality check and final quality control of shoe-orthopaedic features have been performed. Then the sandals leave our workshop, which is located in the town of Homberg in the north of Hesse, and arrive at your place to meet your feet. In Homberg, orthopaedic shoes have been custom-made for more than 130 years and, meanwhile, are manufactured by the fourth generation of master shoemakers.

myVALE exklusive Sandalen für Frauen