Learning to walk

Did you already know that our feet are meant for walking barefoot from birth?

Running on hard or soft ground, feeling different sorts of flooring, walking on uneven surfaces – all these impressions and experiences are essential for the development of babies and toddlers and their bones, muscles, and sinews, for their sense of balance and coordination. This is why babies and toddlers should be barefoot as often as possible when exploring their world so that their natural movement will not be hindered.

myVALE Crawling Shoes ...
... provide for children’s unhindered movement through their low weight and pleasant materials.
... perfectly adjust to the feet with their flexible rubber bands so that optimal fit is guaranteed.
... are made from naturally tanned leather which is skin-friendly.
... provide for better grip on smooth surfaces with their anti-slip soles.
... offer reliable protection from cold and injuries. Their soft and flexible soles support the natural development of little children’s feet.

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