Sandals : care instructions

As is the case with all good shoes, myVALE sandals should be taken good care of in order to ensure they provide lasting pleasure. Here are a few important points:


Our various sandal models are made of different materials. The footbed and midsole are made of EVA - a well-proven material which is also used for orthopaedic inserts. We recommend cleaning these components by wiping them with a sponge using curd soap and water.

Some models have a leather covering. Here we recommend simply wiping the surface with a moist cloth. Models covered in Alcantara can also be cleaned using a damp cloth, though it is important to avoid rubbing/scrubbing too hard so as not to damage the fibre structure.

Please take note!

Leather is a natural product. It is pleasant to wear and resilient and it looks good, too. However, the more often leather gets wet and subsequently dries, the faster it can harden and - at worst - start to crack. Our straps are largely made of leather, as are the thongs of the thong sandals. For this reason we recommend not exposing the sandals regularly to extreme moisture. Occasional contact with water and cleaning with a damp cloth are no problem, however. Under no circumstances should the sandals be cleaned in a washing machine.

Our H20 Sandals are comfortably designed for beach and pool activities. Despite such properties saltwater and chlorine are aggressive substances which can still damage the material components. Depending on the exposure intensity, unpleasant odors can affect the material which can not be removed by cleaning. To counter such an outcome we recommend cleaning the sandals at the end of the day with clear water after exposure to chlorine and saltwater.

Never place myVALE sandals on or in front of a radiator to dry. The leather must dry at normal room temperature so as to avoid cracking. Hardened leather straps can be softened again using dubbin, though this can cause colour changes (depending on the model in question).

The EVA used to make the footbeds and midsoles of myVALE sandals is very flexible, skin-friendly and resilient. However, temperatures of over 50°C can damage the material and result in deformation. For this reason, sandals should never be left in the car in the summer or exposed to blazing sunlight. Our warranty does not apply in such and other cases.