With the myVALE Walkabout you can explore new ways. Perfect grip also on rough terrain and maximum comfort. The myVALE Walkabout is the first trekking sandal with an individual footbed mould by your own footprint.

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Over hill and dale companioned by myVALE

You’re completely tired of your skin chafing, your toes getting sore when wearing your old trekking sandals? Your feet start aching after a short walk already and you cannot stay on your feet from pain to finish the tour? Then, at last, we from myVALE have just the right sandals for you! Our Walkabouts are trekking sandals especially designed in such a way that you will have a pain free experience of extended walks or hikes through nature. We achieve this by manufacturing each sandal according to your individual footprint, by using only the best materials, and by adding an extra portion of our expertise and the love of our work when making a shoe. 

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Walkabout – custom-made trekking sandals

If you love to explore nature on foot, if trekking or Nordic Walking are your passion, you should try out these activities wearing the myVALE Walkabout trekking sandals. We manufacture these sandals on the basis of your individual footprint so that they offer total comfort even over long distances. Besides orthopaedic details like outsoles for an easy rolling movement, the sandals have three adjustable straps so that you can adapt your shoes exactly to your foot width. What is more, the Walkabouts are waterproof, just in case a little creek crosses your path.  You can even slip into some of the models wearing socks. With the Walkabout, almost everything is possible.

Orthopaedic craftsmanship from good old Germany

Our production location is right in the heart of Germany or, to be more exact, in Homberg, a placid town in the north of Hesse. Here, master shoemaker Schott has had his traditional domain already for 130 years so that even Markus Schott, the fourth generation of the family company, and thus also myVALE can benefit from this wealth of experience in the field of orthopaedics. The idea of myVALE was conceived in the 1990s already and in 2008 myVALE was born. Since then modern, stylish shoes made to measure on the basis of your individual footprint have been our passion. Every day we do our best to achieve the very best for your feet.

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