What makes myVALE special

The myVALE sandal has features that no other toe-thong sandal can offer. And in addition to the podiatric advantages, they also look damn good ...
the USP of a myVALE sandal


Orthopaedically modelled footbed, support of the foot's transverse arch by means of a pelotte, and support of the longitudinal arch by means of a longitudinal arch support.

The strap technology / design ensures an optimal fit. The strap partially surrounds the foot, thus preventing the sandal from coming too far away from the foot, or from "flapping" too much. The embedded strap guide eliminates pressure points.
The toe thong is placed in the "right" position by means of the marking made when the footprint is made.
The workmanship of the toe thong / design minimises the risk of friction by means of a seam positioned on the outside, as well as soft materials.
The "roll" which is cut into each sandal allows a rolling movement of the foot which is easy on the joints and which applies the force optimally, even over longer walking distances.
The midsole gives the sandal additional stability. .
The outsole, made of high-quality rubber, provides good grip, even on wet surfaces, and has a longer-than-average lifespan.

 The EVA, from which the footbed and midsole are made, is 100% skin-friendly, free of allergy-causing substances, imbued with dye and non-absorbent. Germs can only adhere to the outer skin of the material, which makes cleaning very easy.

The optimised hardness of the material guarantees constant orthopaedic support with maximum comfort.
Unique material diversity. Selected materials, high-quality leather direct from the manufacturer. Long-lasting, high-quality fabric with high UV-resistance. Numerous limited models with small quantities of handmade straps.
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