Shoe orthopaedic insoles for your daily business

Many a job involves errands on foot. No matter whether you are a diligent business bloke bustling from one meeting to the next, a sales assistant standing in the shop all day long, or a multitasking mom chasing the kids – in the evenings your feet will call for a rest. Possibly you know this painful sensation after a long day's work. But what's to be done if your job requires a certain type of footwear? That's exactly when you should consider the option of upgrading your shoes with orthopaedic insoles. The custom insoles from myVALE prevent pain from arising and are manufactured according to your individual footprint. 

myVALE insoles, "exclusive" type

It is not without reason that we call this product line "exclusive“. For the manufacture of these models we use the finest leathers like high-quality kangaroo leather and despite the orthopaedic features we have succeeded in making them very thin. Thus they fit optimally also in elegant, flat shoes or, for the ladies, in stylish pumps. The insole types "silver" have an antibacterial and odour-reducing effect which is ideal for all those who are troubled by sweaty feet. Our insoles impress by a number of components which support your foot health in everyday working life. The Q Concept relieves the transversal arch and stimulates the body's own sensomotor system. The dynamic core support relieves the joints and at the same time supports the metatarsals. For your myVALE insoles you may optionally choose the specially developed cushioning system Comfort+, which comes with an additional forefoot and heel padding to reduce pressure peaks.

Your investment into the health of your feet

All through the day we rely on our feet. They carry our bodies from A to B and, therefore, have been strongly built by Mother Nature. They are our support for an upright gait. But does this also mean that we value them every day? Let's all take a good look at ourselves: do we provide our feet with their daily comfort to respond to their demands? Probably not … unless you're already an ardent fan of myVALE. If you don't know us yet, let us inspire you. We combine traditional shoe orthopaedic craftsmanship "made in Germany" with fashionable and trailblazing expertise. 

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