Simply order your myVALE soles online. First you receive the myVALE footprint box.

Leave your footprints in the footprint box according to the enclosed instructions. Return the footprint box to us, postage prepaid.

Our experts then scan your footprints. Your myVALE soles are made in our manufacture.

You receive your myVALE soles made-to-measure by post. Slip into your shoes and walk on air.


Through dynamic core support, a system especially developed in myVALE's locomotion lab, the forces exerted on the foot are optimally absorbed and distributed. The longitudinal arch of your foot gets the necessary support and your walking pattern is corrected and optimized from a sensomotoric and biomechanical view, to the effect that your joints are relieved from strain and your whole muscular system is balanced from head to foot..


The truss pad, adjusted to your foot according to an especially developed formula (Q-concept), supports and relieves the transverse arch and stimulates the body's sensorimotor function. Complaints of the forefoot or splayfoot disorders can be prevented particularly in case of static load (e.g. Spinning or step machines, etc.). What is more, the retrocapital support has an analgesic effect.


As the insole is made extra thin and a heel cup is not needed, the insole can be worn comfortably in almost any shoe, even with higher heels, without losing its function. No slipping of the heel, no painful pressure on the instep.


The upgrade for every myVALE sole. The heel and forefoot are padded with special micropore foam integrated in the insole, which makes for more walking comfort and reduces peak pressure. This is the best choice if your feet suffer from much strain, heel spur or splayfoot disorders.