Perfect Fit

Your individual footprint is the basis for each myVALE Wombat. Using a box filled with foot impression foam, you can take a footprint of the singular structure of your foot conveniently at home. Next, your footprint will be digitized and analyzed in our manufacture where specially trained orthopaedic shoe technicians will make your individual myVALE footbed and optimize it in line with orthopaedic aspects. In this way comfort bedding, gel pads, lifts or other specifications may also be integrated. The upper shoe, made of 100 per cent natural fulled felt, will mould to the individual contours of your foot for singular comfort. Thus, each shoe will be absolutely unique. It will stimulate the muscles of your foot and make sure that you will stand relaxed and walk like on air.

Maximum Wear Comfort

The myVALE gel pad, which may be integrated in the myVALE thong sandals as an additional comfort feature, is already included in the Wombat. The gel pad has a cushioning effect and is easy on the joints. It can be inserted directly in the foot bed and is not visible from the outside.

Optimum Grip

The specifically designed myVALE outsole offers excellent grip with its profile of stylized contour lines and prevents sudden slipping even on wet or low-grip surfaces. The high-quality material “EVA” makes for low abrasion and long life. If necessary, the Wombat can be resoled.

Relaxed, rolling Movement of the Foot

The technology of the myVALE Wombat has been developed on the basis of decade-long experience. Each indoor slipper is manufactured with a manually ground “rock” which eases the rolling movement of the foot and supports foot dynamics while walking.

Natural, Warm and Breathable

Pure, cuddly wool from Tyrolean merinos and mountain sheep makes for a pleasant, dry foot climate, has an insulating effect and evens out temperatures: warm in the winter, cooling in the summer. Pure new wool, water, steam and pressure are all the components needed for manufacturing the upper shoe from fulled felt. This material has been produced sustainably from renewable natural fibres, left in its natural state and felted in one piece. It is skin-friendly and completely biodegradable - no synthetic fibres have been used, no chemicals applied. Just nature in its purity, giving your feet a snug feeling of support

Self-cleaning, Easy-care and Waterrepellent

Pure new wool is a very wear-resistant, robust, living material - moving naturally, the different sorts of fibres rub against each other and release dirt and dust particles to the outside. Through the procedure of compressing soft pure new wool in traditional craftsmanship tried and tested over generations, the unique dirt- and water-repellent qualities of the pure new wool are maintained and make the myVALE Wombat a long-life, easy-care, feel-good shoe.

Connected by Tradition

In the myVALE Wombat, the workmanship of two modern, traditional crafts businesses where knowledge and expertise have been handed down over generations is combined. Markus Schott and the Zacher family (Zacher Johann & Co. OHG) met at the International Trade Fair in Munich in 2016, and the idea was born to make a myVALE slipper from the high-quality fulled felt. The original South Tyrolean fulled felt has been produced exclusively from regional resources since 1560 in one of the oldest crafts businesses of the country. Schott Orthopädie-Schuhtechnik from Homberg (Efze) in the north of Hesse is a family business in the fourth generation which has stood for innovation in custom-made shoes since 1888. Customers are offered a wide range of custom foot orthotics, made-to-measure shoes, and in-depth analyses of the locomotor system in Schott’s own locomotion lab. myVALE, Schott’s manufacture of made-to-measure sandals, has produced sandals since 2008 on the basis of customers’ individual footprints. Now there are also slippers made here - the Wombat follows this trail..