Timber mango

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Orthopedic adaptation available

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To craft a myVALE Wombat, Timber or Insole we need a new footprint even if we already have a stored footprint from a former y- or x- sandal order.

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Heel raise
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Heel raiseIf necessary we can integrate a heel raise in the sandals. This is only for customers with a shortened leg: please be sure to discuss the matter with a doctor first. We charge EUR 24.90.- for every centimetre started.
Medial wedge
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Medial wedgeIf necessary we can integrate a medial wedge in the sandals. There must be a medical indication. A copy of the relevant prescription would be helpful here.
Lateral wedge
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Lateral wedgeIf necessary we can integrate a lateral wedge in the sandals. There must be a medical indication. A copy of the relevant prescription would be helpful here.
Heel spur cushion
Already included by the comfort bedding
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Heel spur cushionIn the case of a heel spur we integrate a relief point when assembling the sandals.
Butterfly roll
Already included by the comfort bedding
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The butterfly roll can be used to relieve and cushion the metatarsal foot. It is added in the case of splayfoot or as a forefoot relief.
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Soothingly fruity.
The individually modelled, handmade clog Timber mango is crafted out of lightweight poplar wood. It includes a roll over function and a comfort bedding of its heel and forefoot parts. The shaft is made of mango coloured leather and a silver buckle.


  • Custom made, handmade wooden clog

  • Individually fitted and optimized via footprint

  • Shaft is crafted from high quality mango coloured cow leather

  • Shaft lining made from brown comforting Alcantara

  • Easy roll over function

  • Included comfort bedding in heel and forefoot

  • Flexibly adjustable buckle

  • Shock absorbing outsole

    We use high-quality leather and fabric for our straps and footbedding covers.
    Due to each shoe being crafted by hand, small deviations in colour hue and pattern may occur.
    The displayed products are samples.

    We recommend to occasionally clean our shoes with a clear leather cleaning product.
    Footbedding, midsole and outsole can be cleaned with a sponge moistened by clear water.
    For difficult stains we recommend to use a bit of curd soap along with the above mentioned cleaning methodes.
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