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The combination of thong sandal and gaiter - a trendy idea. At first sight it seems utterly far-fetched - a mismatch in both style and function. Thong sandals and gaiters?! But myVALE in collaboration with designer Romy Kraft have demonstrated that it really does work.

And this is how:
The basis is provided by the myVALE thong sandal models specially designed for this purpose. As with all models of the Homberg-based label, these are high-quality sandals, produced meticulously by hand and adapted individually to the footbed.

The second component is the gaiter: these are likewise made by hand using high-quality materials by designer Romy Kraft. These two footwear classics go together to create a whole new look with lots of trend potential. Markus Schott, the inventor of myVALE, had the idea for this unusual creation while at the GDS in Düsseldorf.

These VALES can be worn on every conceivable occasion. On somewhat cooler summer days, during the evening hours, while strolling through the city  - or why not with a business outfit at a meeting? There is a wide range of patterns, colours and materials to choose from. And if you wish to wear the VALES without a gaiter on occasions, it's not a problem. Simply release the gaiter fasteners and you turn the coupé into a convertible.

For further information on Romy Kraft see www.romykraft.de